Financial Planning Process


The mission of Northwestern Mutual is to develop enduring relationships with clients by providing expert guidance for a lifetime of financial security. Castino Financial is proud to be associated with Northwestern Mutual because we align ourselves with the same guiding principles that can be found within the Northwestern Mutual organization.

Castino Financial takes a unique approach to comprehensive financial planning.  Through an integration of advisory and brokerage services, risk management, and tax-conscious financial planning, Castino Financial enables a distinct client experience to instill confidence by knowing your dreams, goals, and desires are understood and integrated into a coordinated & effective planning process.

The focal point of this process is helping to identify and implement the vision of your aspired future. Castino Financial relies on three phases to help bring that future to fruition:

Phase One: Discovery

In Phase One we secure a firm understanding of your vision and desired future. In order to help you make wise decisions both short and long term, we will discuss a series of topics, concentrating on those personal and financial areas that are most important to you. This provides us with the insight needed to clearly and meaningfully define your objectives. 

Phase One assesses your current situation to determine what can be done today to ensure you'll realize your vision of tomorrow. By providing key documentation representing your assets, liabilities, tax returns and insurance policies, we can establish the foundation from which to build your financial future.

By working together, we will gain a better understanding of what your objectives are and what resources will be available to help achieve those objectives. This enables us to define what is currently working as well as what adjustments are required in order to secure your vision of tomorrow, today.

Phase Two: Vision Alignment

The focus of Phase Two is to agree upon the value of working together to bring your vision to fruition. During this phase we create ownership of the plan. This is called alignment. At this phase we help you understand the relevance of the plan, its implications as well as the challenges you might face and your readiness to get started.

We evaluate what regions require our focus and attention in order to create a seamless plan. We refer to this as the gap analysis. We need to be certain that there is a clear mutual understanding of any shortfalls, or gaps in your current plan and what is required to close those gaps.

Phase Two asks you to address the following: What are the implications for moving forward? What is your level of risk tolerance? What resources will be needed to carry the plan into fruition? What challenges will you face both today and in the future? Having the ability to answer these questions will help increase your likelihood of success. 

Phase Three: Implementation & Integration

Phase Three takes your plan and brings it to life - keeping your vision the centerpiece. It is here where you will achieve the best possible client experience, through the integration and coordination of the overall planning process. This process is constantly managed and goals reviewed. We will continue to provide you support through the expected, and sometimes unexpected times. Through the collective effort of everyone at Castino Financial, the future that you aspire to achieve will begin to take shape.

Collectively these three phases constitute our approach to comprehensive financial planning. Together, we work towards Securing futures and impacting lives through sound advice and comprehensive planning.


Daniel F. Castino

Daniel F. Castino, ChFC®, CLU®

Wealth Management Advisor


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